How To Make Bubble Tea At Home: Step-By-Step Guide

Bubble Tea Drink
In this blog post, I will teach you how to make bubble tea at home. Bubble tea is a popular drink in East Asian countries and has also made its way to the Western world. It is a fun and delicious drink that can be made for less than $3 with ingredients from your supermarket! All you need to make bubble tea are: black tapioca pearls, sugar, milk or cream (or almond milk), ice cubes, green tea powder, and water.

The first step of making bubble tea is to make the black tapioca pearls, this takes about 10 minutes. Black tapioca pearls are made by soaking the black tapioca pearls in water for an hour and then boiling them with a little sugar. After making the tapioca pearls, they should soak in cold water again until you are ready to use them (this will make them chewy).


The next step is to make some green tea powder according to the directions on the package (this is usually done by steeping and then straining). After making your green tea, you will need about a cup per glass for making bubble tea.

If you want to finish quickly within 5 minutes, you can also boil water and then add matcha powder to it. After making the tea, put the ice cubes in two glasses and pour in one cup of black tapioca pearls per glass, and finally add two tablespoons of sugar in each glass. In addition to adding sugar, add cream or milk in the process. The milk or cream can also be replaced with other dairy products, such as coconut milk, soy cream or almond milk.

After you have made the tea and put your bubbles in it, you can put a straw in each glass. Then just start sipping! If you’re looking for something sweeter than regular bubbly drinks, this recipe is perfect for that too – just add more sugar.

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