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Buying bubble tea online is usually done at delivery services like Uber Eats or Home Delivery. There are also a few providers who ready-made bubble tea offer. Infinitea offers a large amount of bubble tea supplies through a web shop. You can also visit Orientalwebshop for cans of ready-made bubble tea.

What is Bubble Tea?

Bubble Tea is originally a combination of tea, ice, milk, fruit syrup and balls of tapioca. These balls are made from cassava and provide a bite similar to winegum.

The tea that also sometimes Boba Tea is also found in different colors and flavors. What always comes back is the base of tea which is mixed with milk or fruit. The tapioca balls also come in different fruity flavors such as mango, coconut, guava or pineapple. Because of the wide straw that is served with it, you can drink the tapioca with a wide straw. tapioca balls easily gobbled up.

Bubble Tea originated in Taiwan where it has become indispensable. The drink is said to have originated in 1980 with the Chun Shui Tang tea house as the initiator.

Bubble Tea with tapioca balls