Chatime Bubble Tea Amsterdam Kalverstraat

Chatime Bubble Tea Amsterdam Kalverstraat

Chatime bubble tea in Amsterdam on the Kalverstraat; one of many locations they have around the world. Chatime operates in over 50 regions across six continents, but originally they are from Taiwan.

This is where they got the inspiration for the many varieties of bubble tea served here. Not for nothing did bubble tea originate here in the early 1980s.

Address and opening hours

Address: Kalverstraat 139, 1012 XE Amsterdam

Opening hours:
Saturday 11:30-19:30
Sunday 11:30-19:30
Monday 11:30-19:30
Tuesday 11:30-19:30
Wednesday 11:30-19:30
Thursday 11:30-19:30
Friday 11:30-19:30

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