The Boba Spot Bubble Tea Amsterdam Kinkerstraat

The Boba Spot Bubble Tea Amsterdam Kinkerstraat

The Boba Spot in Amsterdam is located in the Kinkerstraat near the Da Costabuurt in Amsterdam Oud-West. For Amsterdammers and visitors from slightly outside the center towards the west, this is an ideal place to not have to go all the way through the hustle and bustle in the heart of Amsterdam.

The bubble teas found at The Boba Spot range from classics like the brown sugar milk tea to Korean fruit milk, frappe's, Yakult teas and fruit blend teas to matcha & pandan teas.

The nice thing about this place is that they also sell Vietnamese coffee. In short, you have a lot of choice.

Interior Design The Boba Spot Bubble Tea Amsterdam
Inside The Boba Spot. Photo by Ayse Arslan via Google Maps reviews.

Address and opening hours

Address: Kinkerstraat 12-AH, 1053 DT Amsterdam

Opening hours:
Saturday 11:00-19:45
Sunday 12:00-19:45
Monday 12:00-19:45
Tuesday 11:00-19:45
Wednesday 11:00-19:45
Thursday 11:00-19:45
Friday 11:00-19:45

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