Buy bubble tea in Rotterdam

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Bubble Tea Rotterdam

Buying Bubble Tea in Rotterdam is very easy. Rotterdam is one of the cities in the Netherlands where most Bubble Tea is sold. Here is a list of where you can buy Bubble Tea in Rotterdam:

  • &Tea: several varieties of Bubble Tea including the famous dripping Brown Tea or Cheese Foam Tea.
  • YoYo Fresh Tea Bar: with three businesses in Rotterdam (Kruisplein, Markthal and Koopgoot) is now an established name in the Bubble Tea scene.
  • InfiniTea! Tea Bar Rotterdam: from Taro latté's to Blue galaxy's with blue tea and crystal pearls made from konjac,
  • Boguette Vietnamese Baguettes & Bubble Teaas the first bánh mì shop of the Netherlands (Vietnamese baguettes) - and they serve Bubble Tea!
  • Teaup Bubble Tea: Bubble Tea as a bridge between western and eastern cultures. Teaup specializes in tea products and advocates for a world where friends and family spend more quality time together while enjoying Bubble Tea.
  • Boba Club Rotterdam: Only fresh fruit and milk products, no powders and artificial flavors - that's what Boba Club stands for. Boba Club is the first to have created a homemade cream foam that has been known in Asia for years.
  • Yum Yum Bubble Tea: generally cheap Bubble Teas. Location shopping center Zuidplein (opposite the HEMA) which is easily accessible by metro and bus.
Tea Up Bubble Tea Rotterdam