Chun Bubble Tea Amsterdam Negen Straatjes

Chun Bubble Tea Amsterdam

Chun is a small bubble tea store with all kinds of creative milk teas, plus coffee and specialty drinks. They are located in The 9 Streets at Berenstraat 4 in Amsterdam. Besides drinking bubble tea, you can also find all kinds of fun concept store items.

The interior is stylish and the staff is very friendly and helpful. Only downside is the “Amsterdam” prices and you pay €0.50 extra for tapioca pearls. Some of their bubble teas: classic black milk tea, brown sugar milk tea, jasmine milk tea, taro milk tea, taro coconut milk tea and without milk; the brown sugar milk.

Their premium matcha is considered to be one of the best tea’s around in Amsterdam – also available in small sachets. Every small sachet of 30g Chun premium matcha makes 15 to 20 cups. With its recyclable packaging Chun is continuing to be a leader in sustainability across the bubble tea industry.

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