Hey Cha Bubble Tea Amsterdam Gelderlandplein

Hey Cha Bubble Tea Amsterdam Gelderlandplein

Right next to the well-known entrance of the Gelderlandplein shopping center, Hey Cha is on the corner. They introduce a selection of tea drinks in a unique way.

Hey Cha only makes bubble teas of the highest quality and use natural ingredients, such as fresh whole milk from the milkman ‘around the corner’.

Among other things, they use this milk for their version of one of Taiwan’s most popular bubble teas; Tiger Milk. A combination of fresh local Dutch whole milk, brown sugar syrup with tapioca pearls topped off with cream.

For the rest, you’ll also drink surprising flavors here like the Classic Oranda; With condensed milk and cream cheese, Zebra Milk; based on the classic Chinese dessert with homemade black sesame paste (good for your hair and kidneys), and for example Mango Tango; with mango and coconut, sago pearls topped with cream.

Address and opening hours unknown

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