Jen’s Bing Bubble Tea Amsterdam Jan Hanzenstraat

Jen's Bing Bubble Tea Amsterdam

Jen’s Bing is a cute shop where you can get bubble tea and Taiwanese food. It is located in the Kinkerbuurt in Amsterdam West.

Jen’s Bing serves many classic bubble teas, such as the Bubble Black Tea, Taro Bubble Tea, Brown Sugar Bubble Tea and the Matcha Boba Milk. They also have fresh cold teas like Hibiscus Tea, Winter Melon Green Tea or Passiot Fruit Green Tea.

Menukaart Jen's Bing Bubble Tea Amsterdam
Part of the menu at Jen’s Bing. Taken from the website of Jen’s Bing

You can also get your hearty appetite here, such as crispy wraps made with omelette and steam buns with various tasty fillings like pulled pork and crispy chicken.

Address and opening hours unknown


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