Kungfu Milk Tea Bubble Tea Amsterdam Osdorpplein

Kungfu Milk Tea Bubble Tea Amsterdam

Nice bubble tea shop at Osdorpplein in the Food Court of Westmarket. Kungfu Milk Tea is seen by many in the Google reviews as the bubble tea with rock good tapioca pearls/bubbles. More often than not we hear that this is not the case, but thankfully Kungfu Milk Tea is not.

The milk tea tastes authentic, the fruit teas are good, but if you’re coming from the center of Amsterdam the location is a bit disappointing. For the service, on the other hand, you would travel the extra miles; non-guests who received free water during a heat wave were happy.

For savory cravings, they sell Chinese crepes called Jianbing. You eat them like a folded pancake, topped with egg, spring onion, black sesame seeds, lettuce and wonton sheets with a mildly sweet Hoisin sauce to spice up the flavor.

Address and opening hours unknown

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