MR. STACKS Bubble Tea Amsterdam Govert Flinckstraat

MR STACKS Bubble Tea Amsterdam

At MR. STACKS you get the most bizarre vegan (!) pancakes, sweet or savory with the craziest toppings. And bubble tea!

MR. STACKS is located at 122 Govert Flinckstraat on the Albert Cuyp market. As far as teas go, you could be dealing with a paradox of choice. They have so much here, you almost don’t know what to choose. From iced teas to milky bubble teas and a wide variety of hot teas.

In terms of what people know as bubble tea, get the milky boba teas here with Matcha, Lucky Jasmin, Earl Grey and Thai Tea.

This is really not a place to miss if you are vegan, and love pancakes. Not just any pancakes, but the thick American style pancakes.

MR. STACKS serves the savory pancakes with, among other things, a so-called plantbased-burger stack; different vegan meats together. A beetroot hummus stack; you guessed it, different variations on hummus.

Furthermore, also the plantbased tacos stack and bbq chicken stack. Plenty of choice so should you be of the savory variety.

The sweet pancakes are eaten ‘classically’ with seasonal fruit, date syrup, toasted pistachio and a raspberry coulis. Also with banana in the leading role, a cinnamon roller coasterchoco hazelnut stack and the Dutch apple pie stack.

Address and opening hours unknown

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