Buy bubble tea in Amsterdam

Bubble Tea Amsterdam

Bubble Tea in Amsterdam can be purchased from a variety of outlets. This drink that originated in Taiwan has never gained so much popularity as it does now. Across the Netherlands, Amsterdam is the city where the most searches for local bubble tea are made.

Bubble tea has conquered Amsterdam in several places for a while now, but especially in the center the density of shops is the highest.

Bubble tea verkopers in Amsterdam centrum
Bubble tea sellers Amsterdam Centre

In addition, there are a handful of addresses near and in De Pijp.

Bubble tea verkopers in Amsterdam De Pijp
Bubble tea sellers De Pijp, Amsterdam

8x bubble tea sellers in Amsterdam

Enjoy your Bubble Tea at the following businesses in Amsterdam:

  • YOYO Fresh Tea Bar: For super fruity Bubble Teas, you’ve come to the right place.
  • Biu!Tea: nice place near Museumplein with an outdoor garden.
  • Tea Guys: the teas are very good plus they serve them with cream cheese topping.
  • Chun: favorite of many, strong classics but floral flavors are also good.
  • Hey Cha: The first to bring Bubble Tea to the Netherlands. Do not use syrups, but only fresh fruit and natural ingredients.
  • SooTea: instagrammable interiors, fun names and cups.
  • &Tea: good Brown Sugar Milk Tea.
  • Jackie Cha: zero-waste concept and homemade tapioca pearls.
Jackie Cha Bubble Tea Amsterdam