CoCo Fresh Bubble Tea Rotterdam Koopgoot

CoCo Fresh Bubble Tea Rotterdam Koopgoot

They call themselves New York’s #1 bubble tea. CoCo Fresh Tea is a giant global company with more than 5,000 stores around the globe. They are being served in many cities including New York, Sydney, London, Tokyo, and Bangkok. Rotterdam is the first city in the Netherlands that receives a CoCo Fresh Tea store.

There are different types of fresh tea and strawberry juice, but also different types of pearl milk tea and fruit tea. In addition to tea, they also have lemonade, cocoa, milkshakes and refreshing smoothies on the menu.

It is possible to enjoy Taiwanese tea and make a small visit to the CoCo Fresh Tea store. The ladies are always chatty and did not let the Corona measures stop them. In recent months the models have been posting on Instagram and Youtube.

Address and opening hours

Beurstraverse, 3011 AE Rotterdam

Monday 12–7pm
Tuesday 11am–7pm
Wednesday 11am–7pm
Thursday 11am–7pm
Friday 11am–9pm
Saturday 11am–7pm
Sunday 12–7pm


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