InfiniTea Bubble Tea Rotterdam Dominee Jan Scharpstraat

InfiniTea Bubble Tea Rotterdam Dominee Jan Scharpstraat

In the Markhal you find InfiniTea, a nice specialty tea store that also happens to sell bubble teas. Because of this they have an exceptional selection of high-quality loose tea leaves.

All tea drinkers should keep in mind that all teas purchased by InfiniTea are 100% natural. This is not only healthier, but also better for the environment. They also want to keep the cups and packaging as natural as possible.

Even the packaging that looks like it’s made from regular plastic is actually made from biodegradable materials like potato starch. The prices of the teas are very reasonable, considering the quality of the tea. Also the fact that it is 100% natural, the great taste and the beautiful packaging.

Address and opening hours

Dominee Jan Scharpstraat 298, Unit 51, 3011 GZ Rotterdam

Monday 10am–8pm
Tuesday 10am–8pm
Wednesday 10am–8pm
Thursday 10am–8pm
Friday 10am–9pm
Saturday 10am–8pm
Sunday 12–7pm


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