K-EA Bubble Tea Rotterdam Pannekoekstraat

K-ea Bubble Tea Rotterdam Pannekoekstraat

K-EA stands for Korean Tea and it’s the first Korean Bubble Tea Cafe in Rotterdam. They would like to create a place where all Korean lifestyle fans feel welcome. Their mission is to create a fun and friendly environment for anyone who joins. K-EA doesn’t only serve you drinks, but they offer more. Their range includes; clothing, skin care products, candles, stationery items and more. To bring people closer they organise events that bring all the Korean lifestyle fans together.

Address and opening hours

Pannekoekstraat 82A, 3011LK, Rotterdam

Monday 12–7pm
Tuesday 12–8pm
Wednesday 12–8pm
Thursday 12–8pm
Friday 12–8pm
Saturday 12–8pm
Sunday 12–8pm

Website: https://keabubbletea.com/

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