Saigon King Bubble Tea Rotterdam Cor Kieboomplein

Saigon King Bubble Tea Rotterdam Cor Kieboomplein

The stand just outside Pathé de Kuip in Rotterdam is absolutely delightful and wonderful. They have freshly made spring rolls, fried or fresh as well as authentic Vietnamese sandwiches and bubble teas. Saigon King is specialised in bubble teas, using a wild variety of fruit teas, milk teas and also specials like matcha and taro.

The shrimp spring rolls taken home taste incredible. Super friendly and charming young owners. Their ambition is to make sure that people like you and me have a better way to enjoy what we are doing.

Address and opening hours

Cor Kieboomplein 512, 3077 MG Rotterdam

Monday Closed
Tuesday 12–8pm
Wednesday 12–8pm
Thursday 12–8pm
Friday 12–8pm
Saturday 12–8pm
Sunday 12–8pm


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