&Tea Yucha Utrecht Mariastraat

Andtea Yucha Bubble Tea Utrecht Mariastraat

Bubble tea is gaining popularity in Utrecht. Similarly, &Tea Yucha is located in Utrecht at the Mariastraat 45. Its menu consists of the categories classic, tears of tea, fruity cheese foam, cupful fruity and yakult.

&Tea Yucha bubble tea toppings

The toppings you can choose at &Tea Yucha Utrecht consist of tapioca, lychee jelly, red bean, agar jelly, pudding, grass jelly, ai-yu jelly and popping boba.

Bubble tea menu &Tea

Take a look at the bubble tea menu of &Tea and pick out your favorite flavor already. That way, you’ll be 100% prepared when you stand in the store and have to make your choice. Knowing in advance is handy, because it is often busy here.

Andtea Bubble Tea Menu

Address and opening hours unknown

Website: https://andtea.nl

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