How Boba Tea Is Made (Goat Meme)

Bubble tea goat meme

In this video, there’s a goat that’s having its milk collected. It’s a pretty normal thing to do with a goat, right? But here’s where it gets interesting and a little funny: While the goat is in the middle of being milked into a bucket, it suddenly decides to do its business and poops right into the same bucket!

Now, that’s not something you see every day. You might think that the person milking the goat would be surprised or grossed out, but nope! They just keep right on milking, like nothing unusual just happened. It’s almost like they expected the goat to do that.

This video is a bit quirky and unexpected, and it might make you chuckle because of how calm and nonchalant the milker is about the whole situation. It’s one of those moments where you can’t help but shake your head and maybe share a laugh with your friends.

Bubble tea goat meme video

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