Pokay Bubble Tea Leiden Steenstraat

Pokay Bubble Tea Leiden Steenstraat

Food tastes best when it’s fresh. Pokay Bubble Tea in Leiden ensures this by aiming to use the highest-quality and most sustainable ingredients they can find while still maintaining a reasonable price. They care about nature – therefore they chose the best eco-friendly package for their bowl. They only serve responsibly sourced products and all.
Co2-neutral packaging and transportation, as well as sustainable and ethically sourced fish and chicken, helps them to become a valued and trusted part of the local economy.

Address and opening hours

Steenstraat 21, 2312 BT Leiden

Monday 4–9pm
Tuesday 4–9pm
Wednesday 4–9pm
Thursday 4–9pm
Friday 4–9pm
Saturday 4–9pm
Sunday 4–9pm

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