Buy bubble tea in Leiden


Bubble Tea Leiden

Get bubble tea in Leiden now at 2 shops. At the Haarlemmerstraat in Leiden there is a &Tea establishment since 13 August 2021. They sell bubble tea at several places in the country, such as Utrecht, Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Breda.

For lunch or dinner in the form of a poké bowl and bubble tea, head to Moana Poké on the Steenstraat in Leiden. This bubble tea shop is 290 meters from the train station (4 min walk).

Bubble tea is a drink originally from Taiwan. It is made of tea, milk, tapioca balls and optional fruit syrup. The trend for it to gain a foothold in the Dutch hospitality industry is understandable. The taste experience of bubble tea is versatile; fresh with sometimes a bitter taste of the tea, chewy in texture with a bite because of the tapioca pearls and the milk gives the creaminess. Add sugar to this and you have a taste explosion.

Pokay Bubble Tea Leiden Steenstraat