Two Cups Bubble Tea Leiden Vismarkt

Two Cups Bubble Tea Leiden Vismarkt

The tea shop is located in a cozy corner in Leiden Central. It has outdoor seating in the summer. The tea tastes good and the milk is very fresh. You can even DIY your own flavor of tea there. The owner is also very friendly and she can always help to make your best choices! The tea shop is open every day. Brown sugar, oreo and pink berry (fruit tea) are very common and are recommended. Their food is also very delicious, our personal favorite is the curry chicken and tempura. Good value for money.

Address and opening hours

Vismarkt 4, 2311 EH Leiden

Monday Closed
Tuesday 12–7pm
Wednesday 12–7pm
Thursday 12–7pm
Friday 12–7pm
Saturday 12–7pm
Sunday 12–7pm

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