Ume Tea Chicago

Ume Tea Chicago

Ume Tea Chicago is the perfect place to find a delicious bubble tea that is sure to satisfy each taste bud. Located on the south end of Wentworth Ave at the Chinatown Plaza, Ume Tea Chicago has been serving tasty drinks and treats to locals of the area since 2017.

A wide range of bubble tea flavors are available for both takeout or dine-in experiences at Ume Tea Chicago. Guests can also order no-contact delivery from the business’ website,, to enjoy their favorite drinks and treats right in the comfort of their own home. Ume Tea Chicago’s dedication to providing quality customer service and a healthy, safe atmosphere has earned them an impressive 4.1 rating on Google Maps based on 79 reviews.

In addition to enjoying drinks and treats from Ume Tea Chicago, the shop’s lucky visitors can explore the Chinatown Plaza surrounding them. This vibrant district of Chicago is full of interesting culture and delicious restaurants and shops. Visitors to the area can also find exciting events and shows at the nearby Ping Tom Memorial Park located four minutes from the shop.

Whether looking for something quick and tasty on the go or for a no-contact delivery option to enjoy from the comfort of their own home, Ume Tea Chicago provides a delicious range of bubble tea flavors and treats that guests are sure to love. With careful consideration for every customer’s safety and satisfaction, Ume Tea Chicago proves to be a great spot for visitors of the south end of Wentworth Ave. Stop in today or order no-contact delivery from to taste the difference for yourself!

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